Statutory Certificates

Statutory Certificates

There are a lot of certificates that are mandatory for government tenders. The Namibian government, its agencies & ministries, parastatals and a lot of other big companies needs you to have most of the certificates below for them to do business with your business:

Income Tax certificate

This is to register the business as a tax payer, a mandatory certificate which is also a strict requirement to open a business account with any commercial bank in Namibia.

SME Certificate

This is a mandatory certificate when applying for government tenders, small to medium enterprises are highly advised to have SME certificates.

Import VAT

This enable a business to import goods into Namibia from anywhere in the world.

PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

Pay As You Earn is a system by which an employer deducts income tax from an employee's salary before paying them to the employee and sends the deduction to the government through Ministry of Finance

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Most of big companies if not all, the government, government agencies & ministries, parastatals prefer doing business with VAT registered vendors, as per the VAT act as amended in December 2015, the new VAT threshold moved from N$200,000.00 to N$500,000.00 meaning a business needs to be making N$500,000.00 in revenue to register for VAT (voluntarily).

Social Security Certificates

A mandatory certificate for businesses in Namibia, Social Security Commission offers good standing certificates that can be used to apply for government projects, a lot of companies will require your social security good standing before they consider doing business with you.

Withholding TAX

a tax deducted at source, this is levied on services offered by foreigners with no tax agreement with Namibia or dividends or interest paid to a person or business resident outside Namibia.

Affirmative Action Non-Compliance

By law every business that employs more than 25 employees is obliged to file an annual Affirmative Action report to Employment Equity Commission, small businesses with less than 25 employees should apply for non-compliance certificate, this is mandatory for government tenders

Affirmative Action Reports

By law every business that employs more than 25 employees is obliged to file an annual Affirmative Action report to Employment Equity Commission of Namibia, we do Affirmative Action reports.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

In accordance to the Affirmative Action act, government, parastatals, government ministries and a lot of big companies prefer doing business with businesses that are BEE compliance, BEE certificate is slowly becoming a mandatory certificate for government tenders.

Namibia Chambers of Commerce (NCCI)

Business network, network with potential foreign investors, international partners.

Municipality Fitness Certificate

A strict requirement for VAT registration and for most of tenders, municipality will send their representative to come inspect the place you are operating from to see if it is fit for the type of business you are conducting.

Construction Industry Federation of Namibia (CFI)

CFI is a governing body for Namibia’s construction industry, for most big projects, CFI registered members receive preference and this is also a platform to network with captains of the industry and to put your business out there.

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